Old and abandoned places of Daugavgrīva - distant suburb of Riga.

Daugavgrīva in winter

Trip to Daugavgrīva mole in a cold winter day.

Daugavpils fortress

Last summer (2017) I visited Daugavpils - second largest city in Latvia. It lies in South-East corner of country close to borders of 3 countries: Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. One of amazing things to see there is Daugavpils Fortress , also known as Dinaburg F...


Urban exploration of abandoned industrial places of Iļģuciems, Riga.

Kaņiera ezers

Some moments from my recent visit to lake Kaņieris located close to sea and not far Riga, capital of Latvia. Lake Kaņieris is one of the richest lakes in Latvia for bird and fish. It formed as an ancient sea lagoon left inland, which remained h...

Riga from above

Beautiful views of Riga from high places - St. Peters church and Academy of science.

Riga Zoo

Visit to Riga Zoo.


Abandoned places in Skulte near Riga airport.

St. Martin's cemetery

Old, abandoned but still beautiful St. Martin's cemetery in Riga at Autumn.

Train museum

Nice visit to train museum in Riga. Lots of vintage trains and stuff.


Urbantripping in partly abandoned Voleri port in Riga, Latvia. It has a nice view to cargo port across the river Daugava.