Christmas market in Riga

Annual Christmas market in Riga with local craftsmen.

Dunamunde 2010

Festival in fortress of Daugavgriva, Riga, Latvia. Festival devoted to history and wars in Latvia, especially Great Northern War that took place from 1700 to 1721.

Dzelzs vilks ielīgo '09

Pre-Midsummer night event in Riga, Latvia, with rock-band "Dzelzs vilks".


Great Swiss folk-metal band Eluveitie playing in club "Melnā piektdiena" in Riga, Latvia.

Fontaine festival 2011

Some snapshots from Fontaine festival in Liepāja, Latvia, 2011.

Give and Get festival 2013

Photos from great do-it-yourself festival Give & Get 2013.

Halloween party at Elektra '09

Halloween party at underground club Elektra in Riga, Latvia.

Hipijfests 2011

Hippy festival in countryside of Latvia in 2011.

Kalnciema kvartāla modes diena

Fashion and design day on Kalnciema street, Riga, Latvia.

Kazjukas 2012

Annual festival and fair in name of St. Kazimiras in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Kilkim Žaibu 2011

Baltic ancient traditions, folk and heavy music festival in Lithuania at Midsummer day.

Kilkim Žaibu 2012

Baltic ancient traditions, folk and heavy music festival in Lithuania at Midsummer day.

Kritiska masa 2010

Critical mass event in Riga, 2010.

Kritiskā masa 2012

Critical mass event in Riga, 2012.

Kritiskā masa 2013

Critical mass event in Riga, 2013.

Laba daba 2011

Festival Laba Daba at Ratnieki, Latvia. August 5 to 7, 2011.

Modes talka

DIY fashion party at cafe Taka on Miera street, Riga.

Papīra objektu festivāls

Paper object festival and Japanese days in Riga, Latvia.

Positivus AB 2008

Music Festival "Positivus AB" in Salacgrīva, Latvia.

Punk Laulupidu

Punk song festival in Rakvere, Estonia, 2011.


Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton in Riga, Latvia club Melnā Piektdiena .

Staro Rīga 2011

Lights festival in Riga, Latvia.

Upuris prasa mākslu

Erotic bondage art show "Upuris prasa mākslu" ("Sacrifice requires art").

Winter Solstice 2010

Winter Solstice event in Open-air museum in Riga.