Austrian Alps

Pictures from my travel to Austrian Alps (Lanersbach, Tirol) for snowboarding. Beautiful place.


Some photos from my travel to Brussels in Spring 2015. Mostly city center and usual tourist places but with my own eyes.


Engure is small but nice town in Latvia bordered by sea on one side and lake from another. On the shore of lake is beautiful natural park.


Gaiziņš - highest place of Latvia with abandoned viewing tower on top of it. But the landscape and view from it is amazing.


My travel to India in November 2017.


Karosta - old military port of Liepāja, Latvia. Abandoned places and ruins of fort.


Something from Liepāja, Latvia - city center and southern forts.


Snowboarding in Livigno - Italian Alps in winter.


My travel to Romania, Bukovina region, in July, 2008


Beautiful Saaremaa and Muhu islands of Estonia.


My travel all around Scotland - Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Edinburgh in 2010.

St. Petersburg

Travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, in November 2008.


Images from my travel to Tallinn, Estonia.


Beautiful medieval castle of Trakai (Lithuania) on ice in early spring.

Travel to Liepāja and Nida

Photos from this summer's trip to two beautiful places an East coast of the Baltic sea - Liepāja (Latvia) and Nida (Lithuania). On a way we visited also Kuldīga and Klaipeda. Kuldīga Liepāja Klaipeda Nida

Trip to Engure and Mērsrags

At the end of April we decided to take a small one day trip to Engure and Mērsrags - two small Latvian towns not far from Riga. Both places are on coast and have fishermen ports. And ports I love. On a way back we wanted to take a short hike in Engure n...


May travel to Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.. ..and Užupis - distinct district of Vilnius and self-proclaimed "respublic" where live lots of artists and musucians.